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    ABRA Manufacturing Solutions
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    The last 15 years in the manufacturing industry has exposed me to a lot of needs that different businesses might have. I am in the process of proving a business model as a manufacturing consultant to help meet some of these needs. My plan is to continue managing the operations of our family business machine shop while contracting out as a consultant. In addition to supplementing my income with this new venture, I hope to build new business relationships for our family business.
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    I am a 37 year old father of two young girls. I enjoy fishing, basketball, movies, and fitness. I am also involved with my church and men's ministry. Shortly after graduating from USF in 2006, I took advantage of an opportunity to work with my father-in-law in his machine shop full time and gradually learned the programming and operations of our equipment. As we have taken on more skilled labor, I have moved into the operations role and handle things such as purchasing, shipments, quoting, customer correspondence, payables, and employee management.
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    Operations Manager at V&R Machining, Inc. / Manufacturing Consultant at ABRA Manufacturing Solutions
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    Pinellas Park
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    United States
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    I invite most friends of mine to share product ideas that they would like to see go to market someday. With my skillset, tools and equipment at my disposal, I can possibly help with prototypes and short production runs to sell. This invitation is for anyone in this group as well.
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    University of South Florida
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