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    AlignHR Texas, LLC
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    Providing Human Resources Services for small to medium size businesses. We offer a variety and flexible HR solutions to meet the needs of the organizations we serve, guided by our values and our on-going relationships with our clients. We serve as a valued and trusted business partner to our clients. We are in it with them!  We help eliminate human resource pain points and bottlenecks so that organizations can work toward accomplishing their Mission, and achieve their strategic goals/objectives to reach their Vision.  

    AlignHR was founded based on the desire to take Human Resources to a new level, focusing specifically on how HR integrates operationally within all aspects of an organization/company. Our company name (AlignHR) also reflects exactly what we do: Align With Our Clients.


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    A Senior Human Resources Professional with 20+ years. Worked for GE in Human Resources for 17 years along with several other companies.
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    Human Resources
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    Principal and Senior Advisor
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    Enjoy spending time with family, traveling and going any places with mountains (COLORADO!!).
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    The Woodlands
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    Micro, Small, and medium sized companies/organizations (for-profit and non-profit) who have NO dedicated or trained HR professional or if the HR function is handled by an administrative assistant, office manager, payroll clerk, Controller/CFO, an owner/CEO/President, and/ or split between many team members
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    United States
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    Human Resources Leadership and Expertise
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    West Virginia University
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    1. Are you aware that all small businesses can benefit from expert Human Resources expertise and advice - from legal requirements for hiring to helping improve employee retention?

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