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(Lifestyle Architect / Motivational Speaker) Teangelo Bell

(Lifestyle Architect / Motivational Speaker) Teangelo Bell

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    Teangelo Live
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    I believe we all can live the life we've dreamt of, imagined, and planned but at times we need a little assistance getting there. I've learned that I have a special skill set that allows me to be of aid to others when striving to reach their goals.

    I do it because helping others live life to the fullest allows me to live life to the fullest. Ciao!
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    Teangelo is a ball of energy with a personality so big words cannot even begin to express all that he truly is! But here is a prepared written snack for you to get to know him a little better.

    For over a decade, Lifestyle Architect, Teangelo has been motivating the masses to design a life so amazing they can taste the fabulousness. And, to reach this ideal life, Teangelo focuses on goal achievement; “Now-a-days, people spend most of their time setting goals and no time creating a success plan to ensure their victory” says Teangelo. As a multi-award winning qualified Toastmasters and motivational speaker, Teangelo has a burning passion for guiding, mentoring and empowering people to design a life they love.

    After a proven track record of success as a choreographer/dancer, Internet radio host and manager at an exclusive Beverly Hills country club, he learned that the keys to success are not a kept secret; however, they are not openly discussed. Teangelo’s ultimate goal is to leverage a variety of platforms to encourage men and women to Live Life to the Fullest using the method Dream It Plan It Live It: A Guide to Your Success.
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    Speaker & Self Development
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    LifeStyle Architect & Speaker
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    United States
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    30 Minute Free Consultation
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