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    Elevate Results Consulting
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    Erica is a passionate individual about helping to drive results through assisting clients in the development of their people and bringing more strategic HR to their organizations. I want to help leaders and owners develop their teams, through HR growth initiatives and support. I am also passionate about helping identify and find the right talent to join organizations, so they are able to achieve their long term goals.
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    Erica has spent over 10 years recruiting for organizations of all sizes from small start-ups to large Fortune 500 companies. Erica has experience helping companies identify the key requirements for each role and successfully finding the candidates that align with the companies culture and team environments.

    Erica helps organizations create a fully integrated process from pre-hire to ongoing training and education for current employees, which supports and creates a win-win environment for everyone within the organization. She has created a defined process that can help any company reduce overall hiring costs, onboarding each new hire with consistency, and making sure they are set up for success within the organization.
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    HR Consulting and Elevating the People in your Organization
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    Owner & Consultant
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    Live Concerts..... which I haven't been able to attend in a while because of Covid
    Spending time with my Family
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