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    Miller's Software Services
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    (713) 906-5396
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    (713) 906-5396
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    I introduce myself as someone who wants to leave the world a better place. As I converse with my customers, I try to answer the questions: “How can they be more productive?” “How can I create a Software Solution that form fits their company?” Also something to remember is that for many people a website or software solution is an extension of themselves. So the better question will be “How can this website help them reach their lifetime goals?”
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    I grew up in Houston and I have seen it grow. Some say they are a country boy. I am a "City Boy." As someone who likes change, I like the diversity Houston offers. When I say Houston I am talking about the area from Conroe to Richmond. I pick a different way home just to be different. So if I can create something different for you, I am in computer heaven.
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    Custom Software Developer / Website Design
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    Computer Analyst
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    Yard Work and Antique Cars. I own a Classic Mustang.
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    United States
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    MIller's Software always offers free quotations.
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    Abilene Christian Univ.
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