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(Professional Development Trainer/Coach) Michelle Beauchamp

(Professional Development Trainer/Coach) Michelle Beauchamp

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    The Champ Group
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    My passion is to provide tools to individuals and teams at companies in leadership, sales and creating diverse and inclusive cultures. When we have tools, we become more confident and achieve our goals. I love helping others succeed.
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    Michelle brings more than 25 years in Corporate in sales and as a sales leader, and a 15 years as an entrepreneur. The diverse experiences prepared me to know the challenges and opportunities in both areas. As and Executive Director of the John Maxwell team, I have the support and resources from this global company. Michelle lives in Orange County, CA with husband, Clarke. She has two adult sons, Evan and Alexander, and Wheaton Terrier named Pinot.
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    Professional Development - Trainer and Coach for Leadership, Communication and Sales.
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    Advocate for breast cancer survivors and walked for two years in the Susan G Komen 60 mile walk, and five years in the Avon 39 mile walk.
    She appreciates reading business books and applying them to real life, and her teaching; and is in a book club.
    Michelle enjoys cooking and preparing new recipes (when she has time)
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    United States
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    University of Colorado, Denver