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    We all want to protect our family and our business.  I am dedicated to bringing the excellent legal and privacy services provided by LegalShield and IDShield to as many people as possible because I trust in the great value and peace of mind they bring.  I am also trained in Launch, our amazing service for helping set up new businesses.
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    I have always enjoyed being a part of something and having that personal connection to others.  My path leading to becoming a Specialist for LegalShield and IDShield has been varied and interesting!

    I began teaching in the music department at Concordia University and then became a Director of Human Resources at Coca-Cola Bottling Midwest. I then moved to a new role as a Financial Planner followed by a position as Assistant Director of Admissions at DeVry University in Minneapolis.

    When DeVry closed their campus, I found my career with LegalShield which has been a great fit. I use the knowledge of the needs of business owners that I gained from each of my career steps and apply it to my current clients so I can serve them better where they are in their journeys.

    The common theme with all of my professions has been that I love to reach, teach, educate, empower, and inspire others. I look forward to learning more about what makes the business professional here at NIA tick and see how we can all support each other. 

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    Legal Services and Identity Theft Protection
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    Director and Small Business Specialist
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    I absolutely LOVE music, both playing and experiencing it. Of course, I can never spend too much time with my husband and daughter!
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    Ramsey and The Twin Cities
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    United States
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    BA from Concordia University St Paul, MFA from University of Minnesota