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    ResTech Solutions
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    I launched ResTech in 2011 to help small businesses with their technology needs so that they can focus on what truly matters, growing their business, and serving their people. Many of our business functions today rely on technology because, when it works, it can make our life and company simpler and more efficient.

    Having an in-house IT department is very expensive, and I wanted to provide the advantages and capabilities usually obtainable only by large corporations to small businesses at an affordable price point. By doing so, they, too, can run more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.
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    Hello, I am David Levine, founder of ResTech Solutions.

    I grew up between Houston and Kansas City, and I studied Wireless Engineering at Auburn University. I continued my studies at the University of Houston to pursue my MBA.

    I launched Restech Solutions in 2011 to help small businesses with their technology and cybersecurity needs. With my team at ResTech and our automatic monitoring systems, I can monitor, diagnose, and address the root causes of difficulties and nagging problems so that business owners can focus on growing their businesses and helping their people thrive.

    By solving problems holistically, I can create harmony between humans and machines, helping businesses run smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

    Please feel free to reach out. I’d love to talk and see how we can help each other grow.

    Here is my email since the system currently does not accept it:
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    IT Services
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    Founder & CEO
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    United States
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    Auburn University / University of Houston
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    2010 / 2013