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    Splendid Health Insurance
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    To change the world by loving what we do, To Serve, To be Humble, and to be Courageous. My passion is to help others by having them help themselves. In other words, identifying and securing your family is my focus of interest to their needs. Most times I can save $$ with more coverage, and at others just provide that additional coverage needed. Everyone is different and should be respected and given the time to thoroughly walk through their health insurance needs.
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    I was born in Kansas on a military base. Grew up in Houston, Tx and have lived in Cypress for 5 years now. I have 5 children. When I had my first child I knew home was here in the Cypress area. After many years, of working to achieve that possibility we finally moved to this area. My children and I love it here! The schools are phenomenal and the others are like no other!
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    I'm a licensed health care agent, as well as have my license in Respiratory Care Therapy. Being able to serve has always been my passion.
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    Independent Health Care Agent.
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    I love family time, and movies. Being able to have family and friends is my joy, and always a pleasure.Love coffee and enjoy to travel!
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    United States
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    Lone Star College
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