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    Fun fact: I drink exactly 2 cups of caffeinated coffee Monday - Friday


    I'm Liz. I'm a graduate from Georgia Tech and I am still trying to find my way around. I have spent over 8 years hustling in Atlanta's busiest bars. To name a few: Johnny's Hideaway, The Painted Pin, TJ's Sports Bar (now closed but famous for their Green Bay Packers games, if you know a fan, they'll tell you.) This is where I gained communication and customer service skills as well as customer facing experience. Additionally I have promotional model, brand ambassador, and sales experience. I have no hesitation in presenting a product or picking up the phone and making calls to strangers.

    Outside of my extensive customer facing experience I am naturally talented in mathematics, have an analytical mind, incredible memory and the ability to pick up and master tasks quickly. I am now carefully considering career options where communication and presentation is extremely important but where I can also develop my analytical skills and shine with my strengths.
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    Rowing, indoor and on the water-best sport ever
    Hiking, camping, paddle boarding and kayaking
    Creative costume design
    Listening to audiobooks and educational podcasts
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    Georgia Institute of Technology
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