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    Simply Sherry
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    My true why, my girls! I want them to understand the importance of independence and entrepreneurship. That they create the world in which they live. That they can do anything they put their minds to. Work their ABS (Always Be Selling) What I mean by that. Always be selling yourself. You do that every day, in every conversation, every action, and interaction with those you come in contact with. It's not what you are selling, it is you! The reason that person should work with or choose you in whatever it is you do.

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    I have been married to Walter Boudreaux for more than 30 years with 3 beautiful daughters, Raven, Eden & Scarlett. Over the past 13 years, I have worked independently as a JHilburn stylist designing custom men's clothing. While my girls were younger it was a perfect fit for my schedule allowing me the flexibility I needed to stay home with them. I have always been very creative and love to decorate for any occasion often finding myself helping others with their decor for holidays and events. In 2012 my daughters joined NCL a mother-daughter philanthropic organization and that is where my passion for events ignited. Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to build my experience in design especially. I recently received my certification as a wedding and event planner from Lovegevity Institute and had the awesome opportunity to work with Kevin Lee in California.
    I enjoy traveling, water sports, and warm, sunny beaches.
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    Stylist, Designer, Planner
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    Well, I'm lucky that I get to live my hobbies and interest and the best part is I do it with my girls. They are my team, we are building this together.
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    I'm looking for individuals who have an event coming up and they need help. Maybe it's just help in the designing of the event, maybe its managing the event, maybe they just need balloons & custom party favors, maybe its all of it.
    I am looking for residential & commercial clients that want their homes decorated for Christmas.
    And lastly, I would love to talk to any men looking to have a stylist come into their home or business to fit them with high quality custom clothing at an affordable cost.
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    United States
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    I am offering the members of or group the opportunity to have a free consult in any area of my business.
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    Lamar University
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    Do you personally, or does your company, currently decorate for the holidays? If so, do you outsource the job, and are you under contract?
    Do you have any events coming up that need help with design and planning?
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    This is my friend Sherry Boudreaux, she is the Stylist, Designer, and Planner that I told you about. She can help you in so many different areas that it's hard to narrow it down to just one. She is excellent at planning a party from start to finish or just providing the custom balloon decor. During the holiday season she can transform your home or office with her elegant luxurious style decor that compliments your taste and setting.