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    When it's time to sell a home, sometimes it's a necessity (illness, death, divorce, job loss) not just a desire. For families in all circumstances I want them to have the best opportunity for the most lucrative sale possible. Fast. Because sometimes their future depends on it.
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    I am sincerely interested in others. Where they come from, what they think, why they think it. There's so much to learn from being open to "different".
    I believe that our environment affects how we feel, how we feel affects how we behave, how we behave affects how people respond. So not to be overly dramatic, but changing our environments can change the world. :)
    As for credentials, years (decades, actually) in medical sales taught me how to read people and determine how they need to be communicated with. It taught me how to look for the underlying issues they need answers for. And it taught me the importance of prioritizing client needs over my own interests.
    Then the Interior Design program at the Art Institute of CO and two Staging Certification courses taught me the skill sets applicable to my current business.
    Atmosphere is my job and it's also my joy.
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    Staging for Real Estate
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    Tessa, my 20 year old daughter. She is a gift to the universe and nothing is more important to me than her well being.
    Dog rescue / fostering. I am a many time foster failure, including all three of my current dogs- Sundance, Lanikai & Kiki. We love to hike and play outside.
    Reading in front of the fireplace with a nice glass of red.
    And I love poring through interior design photos. Always looking for inspiration.
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    University of TN Health Sciences Center
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