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    JB's Print Services & Social Impact Printing
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    Enjoy helping my clients communicate through PRINT in the best way possible.
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    John Blumenthal with JB's Print Services is a veteran of the Houston printing landscape for nearly 40 years. Building unique relationships combined with print industry experience has given JB's Print Services the ability to match up the right printer for each type of job and the knowledge to manage budgets and expectations throughout the entire process.

    A NEW DIVISION - Social Impact Printing. Working with Non-profit and 501c3 organizations, I will give back 5% of their print spending at the end of the year. Trying to make a difference, one print project at a time!

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    Family, Golf, Tennis and Longhorns!
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    Clients who like to communicate their messages on a recurring basis - Magazines, Newsletters, Catalogs, etc.
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    United States
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    University of Texas, Austin
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    Does your company or organization print marketing materials?
    Do you have a marketing department within your company or organization?
    Who handles the print projects within your company or organization?

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    As having the best customer service in the printing business!