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    Hi! I’m Sara Heermann, founder and CEO of Heermann Company. Getting to this place was no easy task--it’s been a long and winding journey. The same journey that many of you are probably on in your lives as well.
    A few years ago, I was a woman who felt like she needed to do it all to have it all. I loved my work as a CFO, helping companies organize their finances and keep themselves on track, but I was trying to juggle a career, three kids, a husband, social life, my health, and truthfully, I was dropping more balls than I was able to juggle, which led me to feel unsatisfied, undeserving, and was destroying my confidence and self-worth. I was constantly saying yes to things when I should have been saying hell no! I began to see that I loved helping people manage their lives as much as I loved helping them manage their money, but also that I was spending so much time and energy working to provide things for my family, I was costing all of us real peace and happiness.
    Realizing that I needed to re-prioritize and refocus was a long and sometimes painful process, but by beginning to take care of myself, I was able to better start taking care of my family, my work, and my life in more meaningful ways. Learning to balance the scales of my life allowed me to be a whole person again, which helped me become a better mother, a better wife, and a better adviser to my clients at work. Suddenly, I found my marriage thriving again, found joy in my professional life, and started noticing all those little things that truly make life worth living.
    Part of this involved a big transition in my life--my family moved to rural Nebraska, and while this was difficult at first, it allowed me to grow in myself and my confidence which in turn helped my family dynamic become healthier. I learned how to budget my time and energy in a way that serves my own health, but also provides for the health of the people I love. I now have the chance to give my kids all the things I loved about growing up in the country and to give myself the rediscovery of some of the things I love most in life: hiking, skiing, vacations at the beach (where I can enjoy the sound of the surf from the safe, transparent water of a crystal clear pool), or even the simple pleasure of watching our chickens march their way into the coop at night. I’m able to laugh at silly jokes, enjoy my nightly glass of wine (or two!) and spend true quality time with family and friends. I am saying yes to things and really meaning it.
    What I have realized through this amazing journey is that I want to give this transformative experience to anyone who needs it, and so Heermann Company was born. Over the past sixteen years I have worked with over one hundred businesses to grow their teams and increase their revenue along with helping them balance the responsibilities of their personal lives, specializing in helping executives, management teams, and individuals embrace adversity, work more efficiently, and get out of their own way so they can pursue and achieve their dreams. I have always been fascinated by health and wellness, and have a passion for helping others create a balanced and healthy life that works for them. So I combined my love of health and nutrition with my skills for organization and a strong work ethic, and pursued credentials from the World Coach Institute and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
    Now I want to apply my experience and knowledge to helping individuals who were like me--feeling like they couldn't have it all and were spread too thin. By focusing on our physical health and mental well-being we can budget our energy and our time just like we budget our finances--making allowances for the things that are most important and spending the most on what gives us the highest return. With my support and expertise you too can begin living the life you always imagined for yourself, and you will feel richer when your life’s budget is balanced!
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