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    The Perfect Latte: Hanh Nguyen
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    I created The Perfect Latte through an unknown force because I truly believe that I am destine to run a business where everyone in my team is compassionate with what they do and loving to serve. My mantra for The Perfect Latte is to bring happiness, connection and a loving culture to my community.
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    I came to the states from Vietnam when I was 14. Despite of the challenges with language and culture, I continues to learn to be a better version of myself. I believes in always progressing and moving forward. My principle is to always share compassion and promote positivity to everyone.
    The Perfect Latte is one of my passions. Through this space, many positive relationships formed. I like to get to know people and be the connector for my community.
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    I have always been an advocate of alternative medicine and wellness. I learned about CBD and how it is the game changer for many people throught my experience with my Father and his dementia. I love essentail oils and I am learning more about this world everyday as they have been a wonderful addition to my family. I love excercise of all kinds. I wrote the MS 150 bike ride for 3 years. Now I am a cordinator for a massage therapist team for Schumberger every year during the MS150. I ran a haft marathon and continue to run with my friends weekly.
    I love to travel and explore the unknown outdoors with my camera. Travelling through the rural park of the world and seeing how people simple people live taught me to stay humble & happy with what I have at the present moment.
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    United States
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    Serving with Love
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    University of Houston
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