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    The Entrepreneur's Source
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    As a Career Ownership Coach, I offer a no cost, no obligation process focused on individuals considering the possibility of achieving self-sufficiency, either by choice or necessity. Typically, my Clients are interested in new challenges, frustrated with their current job or career path, unemployed due to reorg / downsizing, and / or considering a career transition. I also work with people who want to develop additional sources of income. In the current economic environment, many people are in the midst of, or thinking about, career change. For some, self-sufficiency may be the best alternative.

    I specialize in helping my Clients with education, awareness, and discovery as they explore the possibilities available to them. I create a safe space for these seekers to identify their talents, clarify priorities, explore options, and learn about ways to attain their goals, needs and expectations.

    Our company, The Entrepreneur’s Source, is North America's leading Career Ownership Coaching organization, helping people build rewarding careers, take control of their lives and create the Income, Lifestyle, Wealth & Equity they are seeking. Our unique discovery and education experience empowers our Clients to explore alternative career options outside of the traditional job market.

    Our motto is: "Your Success is our Only Business" and I live by it.
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    Following a 30+ year career in advertising, spanning all levels and types of media sales and leadership, I was unexpectedly laid off. I assumed finding a new job in the same space was my only option. The prospect of starting over, commuting an hour+ each way daily, dealing with office politics, etc. was depressing and de-motivating to say the least. With a "what have I got to lose" mentality, I answered a LinkedIn message from a career ownership coach. The process of discovery opened my eyes to options I had never considered, specifically pursuing self-sufficiency through business ownership. I learned about funding options and business models that aligned well with my income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals. Today I'm re-energized and passionate about my work. I get to focus on my strengths and interests, and I have the flexibility to spend more time with family, hobbies, and service work. I can truly say I am fulfilled on all fronts in my career today, and I am on a mission to help others discover their unique path to self-sufficiency and happiness.
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    Helping people achieve their income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals by exploring self-sufficiency through business ownership
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    Career Ownership Coach
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    Serving others through church and non-profit organizations, golf, puzzles, family time, animals, travel, and food.
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    Because I am detached from the outcome, I am able to focus on each individual's income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals first. We co-create a vision statement that becomes a North Star, to ensure potential paths align with stated goals. Through this facilitated process of discovery, we help reach a point of clarity on the path that most effectively and efficiently achieves the client's goals. The service is FREE, we ask only for an open mind and an investment of time.
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    United States
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    Baylor University BBA Business Broadcasting / Southern Methodist MA Communications
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    1990 / 1993