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    MassMutual Greater Houston
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    (713) 402-3869
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    (248) 982-1844
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    I have always enjoyed having the opportunity to help people to get where they want to go in life.
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    My strength has always been problem solving and seeing how situations affect one another. When I graduated in 2011 from Eastern Michigan University with a BA in Marketing, I started working in management. Then I quickly realized it was not the job I was made for. I found the financial services industry and discovered my strengths were perfect for this profession. I now have a meaningful impact on people from all different backgrounds. My passion is helping those with unique situations reach their financial goals with maximum efficiency. I get to put financial puzzles together to help make dreams a reality.
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    Financial Planner
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    Running, Tennis, Hunting, Fishing
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    United States
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    Eastern Michigan University
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