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    The Growth Coach
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    I want help people and their businesses. I want to be the catalyst for change. My motto is to help people work "on" their business not in their business.
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    Prior to opening The Growth Coach of Spring Texas, Osborne spent most of his career in sales
    management and business development for Baker Hughes among other companies. During that
    time, much of his time was spent coaching, training, building teams and developing growth
    “Throughout the last few years of my corporate career, I knew I wanted to get into business
    coaching, but I wanted to make sure I had a strong curriculum and support system to offer my
    clients. I decided to franchise with The Growth Coach because of the excellent programs as well as
    the credibility the company has already built around the world. When clients work with me, they
    get my experience and my background combined with highly-effective programs The Growth Coach
    has developed over the last 20 years,” Osborne said.
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    Over 20 years with Baker Hughes and 30 years in oil and gas variuos sales and managemnet roles.
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    Cooking, playing golf, landscaping, and football.
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    United States
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    Free attendance to a Business Growth Workshop
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    University of Southwestern Louisiana
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