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    HCDC, LLC - High Conflict Divorce Coach, LLC
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    Why I do this work...
    People often ask me “why” I choose to work with people who have grown to despise each other. My “why” is: A wise person once told me that “you cannot ‘hate’ someone unless you once loved them.” I wasn’t so sure what that meant or if it was true until I started working with high conflict divorce. I decided to ask clients if they always felt ill will toward their Ex, and I found that the couples I helped all loved each other at one time, and sometimes reminding them of that is the beginning of bringing about meaningful outcomes. I have been passionate about my commitment to help families to remove high-conflict drama before it can ruin a family.
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    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with an IMBA, and I’ve also spent 20 years in the Family Law field as a CFI, Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, Parental Supervision Time leader, and consultant on cases. When I switched from international business to family law and counseling, it was because I knew that my real passion existed in meeting with families in crisis and determining protocol to aid judges in determining the best outcomes for children after divorce. In the process, I was able to work with my specialty in terms of clientele: couples in which one person has narcissism and/or borderline personality disorder. I coach the partner who needs confidence and a road map to deal with that narcissistic Ex.

    Slowly but surely, I became known in the community by attorneys, therapists and judges for my innate ability to unbiasedly determine the real best interests of children in high conflict divorces where parent(s)’ personality disorders were involved. I possess an in-depth knowledge of these disorders as well as the intricacies of family law. I am passionate about teaching clients who feel overwhelmed that there really is a way out of misery, a solution to their problems, and that it is not a hopeless situation. To that end, I bring the qualities of hope, wisdom, patience, understanding, and strategy to my clients through HCDC.
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    I am a High Conflict Divorce Coach who is an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor and Family Law practitioner., and
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    HCDC (High Conflict Divorce Coach), LPC, CFI, IMBA
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    In my free time, I am a pianist, singer, and lover of all dogs and most people. I love to travel and I am multilingual. I am a habitual learner; I can't stop myself from learning more about what I do because people are fascinating! I love to bake and love to go out to eat.
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    Iowa State University (1991) BBA, Mktg; University of Denver (1993), MIM (Master of International Mktg; Denver Seminary (2000) MA, Counseling.
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    1991; 1993; 2000