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    Structural Chiropractic
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    Chiropractic grabbed my interest in year 2000 when he had a low grade fever for eight months and low back pain. The M.D.s could not find a solution to the issue. It was a chiropractor who, through chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work, lab work, and nutrition helped me recover. My chiropractor helped me realize I needed to stop eating grains grown in the U.S. with gluten while also understanding my body needs a special kind of care to be at optimum health to balance the nervous system, with a focus on the spine: chiropractic!

    A year later, I received a sports injury to my leg, and my chiropractor provided care that allowed me to recover well from the injury. As a result of receiving excellent care from a chiropractor, I committed myself towards a life-long endeavor to give back to those in my communities with passion the kind of chiropractic care that changed my life around for the better. I like to engage his patients with candor, enthusiasm, warmth, and a high caliber of delivery of care.
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    My personal journey through various phases of health helped to solidify my direction to become a chiropractor. I place great emphasis and value on the foods I eat, as diet is absolutely key to good health. Soccer was my main sport growing up, along with baseball. As I became a lover of the outdoors, backpacking, hiking, and eventually rock climbing entered my life. I like to travel, go to museums, enjoy art and culture, live music, photography, cook great and healthy food at home. As I became a practicing chiropractor, I no longer rock climb, and continue with hiking and practicing taiji chuan. Recently, I took up yoga (Hatha yoga) and am indirectly supporting family on my brother's wife's side, as they own Purusha Yoga in Berkeley (and in San Francisco). There is a writer in me as well that wants to be expressed. I enjoy several types of music. I value my friendships and relations with family highly. I do enjoy a good laugh!
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    I received my Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West, CA and obtained a Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA. I trained myself in hundreds of hours of chiropractic education in addition to formal college education. In my clinic I may adjust either by instrument or hand. If by instrument, I am Advanced Proficiency in Activator Methods, a safe, gentle, and effective method of adjusting the full body.
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    Doctor of Chiropractic
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    Taiji chuan, being in the outdoors such as camping with friends, hiking, backpacking, and so on. Museums, theater, festivals, live music are all part of what helps make me tick, esp. great tasting and healthy food. I cook at home, enjoy the company of many of my friends, and look forward to expanding myself with new experiences, such as yoga. I look forward to traveling, and revisiting old friends around the U.S. Finally, the study of the profession of chiropractic and about health, generally, is of great interest to me.
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    United States
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    $50 promotion off of our $120 examination. First adjustment $60, down from $65.
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    Palmer College of Chiropractic, San Jose, CA
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