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    Frost Brokerage Servies
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    I enjoy partnering with people and guiding them in their journey.. Why do I do what I do? Becuase I get great satisfaction when I am able to take someone from a stress level of 100 down to a 10 by sharing honest, objective information and create a holistic financial plan of investment action that fits that specific individual, business owner, institutional Endowment fund, single mom or family with children. The look on a persons face after we meet, when they feel confident they have a trusted partner is priceless to me. My Why is to make a positive impact on each person I come in contact with. No two people are alike and therefore no two Financial plans should be alike. I love Coaching people up and helping them plan their best life. The wisdom I have gained over my lifetime becomes a valuable asset for my clients. I take great pride in working with people from all walks of life.
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    I'm a simple man. I have lived a wonderful life with lots of different experiences. I enjoy music, playing golf, riding horses when the opportunity arises and going to movies..I love hanging out with Friends. Becuase life in the investment world can get busy, I enjoy peaceful meditation and quiet time, sometimes that's just what the doctored ordered!! Finally, I feel like my best days are still ahead of me.
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    Investment Professional
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    Wealth Advisor
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    Playing Golf, Movies, Concerts/live music
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    Harvard University ALB'
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