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    Goosehead Insurance
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    To help others thrive through educating the marketplace about insurance
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    Jesse Wilson is a young entrepreneur originally form San Diego, California. He strives to add value to those around him through his work and his hobbies. Self development and spiritual growth are a big part of his life. He is always looking for that new connection and a way to give back to the people around him in the community. He believes in being the most ethical person in his environment and is a big believer in doing the right thing. Coming from a background in retail management in a different field, He was approached by a family friend and brought to the insurance industry by her. After a short time he fell in love with the industry. Protecting others and helping them with insurance was just a perk of the amazing human connections he encountered. Long story short after enduring two hurricanes in Florida his fiance Stefani and him decided to relocate to Texas to start a family together. Luckily for Jesse he fell in love with the city, the culture and the food.
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    Insurance Agent
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    Account Executive
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    Self-development, investing, public speaking, music festivals/events, and Ride-share.
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    United States
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    Free insurance review
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