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    SpeedPro Premier
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    I like solving problems, and when I can solve them with a creative solution, it's even better. My career has always had a strong 'customer service' component, which usually entails solving a problem. The visual communications aspect of what I do is the cherry on top.
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    I'm an enterprising and accomplished creative professional who's always looking for an adventure. My latest is as a franchise owner of SpeedPro Premier. Prior to that, I enjoyed a full career in video production. I'm always looking for opportunities to look at things differently and question what I think I know. I'm a family man, and love helping my kids pursue their interests.
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    Signs and Large Graphics
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    Owner / Operator
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    I love movies and TV, though there's too much to keep up with. I'm a sports fan and still play softball weekly. Weekends revolve around my kids and their activities. I help coach my son's baseball team, run the kids to birthday parties, and try to take in an occasional hike or bike ride.
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    United States
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    Colorado State University