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    Lawhorn and Moore Insurance Brokers
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    Courtney, Drake and Kingsley--my wife and two kids... I firmly believe in service above self and know that sometimes not earning someones business but advising them on what is best for them, will come back to me in the long run. This philosophy has not served me wrong in the last 18 years of being in business.
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    I have been in the insurance business since 2001 and had the fortunate opportunity to start my own agency in 2002 as an independent agent offering group health insurance, individual health, life, and dental insurance. In 2003 I joined with Farmers Insurance to offer our health insurance customers the option to have all of their insurance with us including their Life, Auto, Home, General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance. After a great career with Famers Insurance for 7 years we decided to become fully independent on April 15th 2010 and left Farmers Insurance. Fast forward to 2015 we joined our agency with a good friend John Moore and became Lawhorn and Moore Insurance Brokers. We are now Lawhorn and Moore Insurance Brokers a Goosehead Insurance agency franchise and have a full line of independent product offerings for all of our customers .

    At Lawhorn and Moore Insurance Brokers we think that customer service at is a simple concept. It's helping someone get the most value out of the product you provide-before, during and after the purchase. Although to make it happen-to really follow through-is not simple. This is especially true in today's fast moving world. We consider our connections with our customers our most valuable relationships.

    We continually look for new ways to support and connect with our customers through technology. Our easy-to-use site is interactive and allows customers to find information on auto, home, life or business insurance policies they may deciding on or already have purchased. Our end goal is to give our customers the power of choice when it comes to making their insurance decisions, leveraged with our leading technology to offer one of the best client experiences in the industry.
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    Insurance Nerd
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    Agency Partner
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    Faith, Family time, Fishing, Hunting and Being the Best Insurance Agent in Texas of course!!
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    Round Rock
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    The best referral is an individual who is looking for comparison on their personal lines policies--auto, home, and umbrella. These individuals can be moving into a new home, in the process of a refinance, or just looking to see if their current coverage is the best option.
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    United States
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    We offer customers referrals a reduced agency fee that are sent from NIA members
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    Texas A&M University
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    Who is your current carrier?
    Are you happy with your current agent?
    When is the last time you heard from your current agent?
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    Hello _____________,

    I would like to introduce you to Justin Lawhorn with Lawhorn and Moore Insurance Brokers. He is a 5 star local insurance agent we partner with. Justin will take great care of you and expect to hear from him very soon. Happy Connecting!