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    Julia M. Chambers - Social Media Strategy & Writer For Hire
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    My father owned his own business, and I grew up working in "the family business." I understand the small and micro-business culture very well, including the need to be very efficient with both time and money. I was also an early adopter for new technology, in my father's small operation, and ever since.

    I love how social media can balance the score for smaller companies, allowing them to leverage their resources and compete on a larger playing field. With good copy, engaging content, and authentic, genuine social relationship-building, they can dominate in their industries.

    My job is to help these smaller enterprises level up, attract their ideal audiences, and generate their warmest leads with efficiency and authority.
  • About me
    Content drives engagement, influence, and profits! I specialize in successful social media relationships, influencer branding, white-label writing and editing services, and excellent written communication. I have a knack for cloning and capturing my clients' inner authority, the voice they wish to express professionally or as a business, but don't always have the right written words to do so.

    The business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals that I love to work with fall into two main categories (often both)...

    1) Those who need a social media expert, or who are frustrated with social media for business, due to:

    • lack of time
    • a dislike for social media - even though they know they need a social presence
    • uncertainty on just how to create more engaging content
    • disappointing results from paid and organic Facebook marketing attempts

    2) Business owners and professionals who recognize they need a copy expert for:

    • engaging newsletter content that strengthens relationships with patients and clients
    • SEO friendly website copy that attracts the right audience/tribe to build a community around
    • expertly written, researched/relevant, evergreen articles that compel readers to devour and share
    • top-notch editing services with an ability to clone your voice, clarify your intent and amplify your results
    • suasive "about me" and "our story" pages, the parts of your digital presence that tell your story, foster investor confidence and grow social proof

    Written content is my oxygen - let me help you breathe new life into your presence!

    Additional Notes About Me:
    I am a syndicated writer and voluntarily HIPPA trained for social media (this is important for anyone operating in the social spaces for the health industry), and I love networking and building new relationships. To me, business is one of the greatest tools for service, community building, and self-development. I look forward to meeting you! On the side, I am also, a crochet designer, blogger, and social influencer. I am one of the top 10 Twitter influencers in brain cancer and more!

    You can find examples of my writing in the following places:

    White Label Pieces

    Preserving Private Practice (pages 14-15 in Austin All Natural, January 2019) This is the piece that was also sent to one of the holistic dental associations. -

    More Than A Dentist (page 17 in Austin All Natural, March 2019) -

    Method Writing - Examples of Different Voicing:

    Be Captain of Your Hooks (a shortened version of one of my many-paged articles in Interweave Crochet Magazine) -

    Sometimes Even Nellie Oleson Is Right -

    Heartbeat In My Ears -
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    Social Media Strategist, Content Creator & Freelance Writer
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    Consultant / Owner
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    Crochet design, motorcycles, piano, baking, journalism, and research. Oh, and Doctor Who.
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    United States
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    $175 - rewrite your website biography "about" page. This involves a phone interview!
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    Ambassador University
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