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    I came to real estate as a career-change when I realized it was already my lifestyle. I was the corporate-relocated spouse, moving my family coast-to-coast and back again, through 7 states and 15 homes. It was on the 5th re-launch of my former career – as a journalist, then a marketing-PR executive – (also the purchase of the 12th home) that I realized I knew more about making the real estate deal than most of the agents I hired. It dawned on me that having lived through so many moves – some happy, some traumatic; some profitable, some not – with kids and pets in tow, that my personal experience could be of enormous help to people. I realized I could make a difference in people’s lives in a meaningful way. Also, I wanted to put down roots – I saw the deep connection to the community that comes with deep market knowledge. I wanted to be that person -- the one who knows the way around, the people to call, the attributes that make the place I call home unique.
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    Real Estate Sales, Investment, Consulting
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    Team Lead: Eileen Townsend & Team
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    Yoga, reading, hiking, travel. family & friends
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    United States
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    When I close a personal referral, I take, or send, my referral source out for a memorable dinner.