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    Johnson Financial Services, PC
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    I believe that each taxpayer should only pay the amount of tax that he is legally obligated to pay. To many times taxpayers pay more than they should. My goal is to minimize the amount the taxpayer owes so that he or she can keep more of their respective earnings.
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    I have been practicing as a tax accountant and business advisor since 1997. I have a BBA in Accounting from the University of Georgia, and a Masters in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California. My goal with my clients is to save them more in taxes than my overall fees. This is done with strategic planning and tax forecasting throughout the year so that when April 15 comes around each year as it always does, there are no surprises because we have already planned for the event.
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    Tax Accountant
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    Fast Cars, Marksmenship, Saltwater Fishing, Boating,
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    United States
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    University of GA, University of Southern California
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    2000, 2018