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    Stellar Bank
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    I enjoy helping individuals and businesses reach their personal and financial goals. Since working in a community bank, I have been a witness in the way we help the local community by managing local deposits and lending to local businesses, which help the local Houston economy.
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    I worked and lived in Guatemala for 29 years prior attending St. Edward's University MBA program. My work experience includes working in various family firms prior to working in Corporate and Investment Banking at Citibank. While attending graduate school, I worked as a summer intern at Allegiance Bank which I found very interesting due to the personal relationship level one has with the customers. I have worked at Allegiance Bank since 2015 where I have underwritten dozens of loans for small and medium sized companies and for individuals as well, helping them achieve their business and financial goals.
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    Assistant Vice President - Commercial Lender
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    Golf (8 handicap), Jiu-Jitsu, Tennis, Reading on subjects including finance, and history, lately on Texas.
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    United States
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    We appreciate all referrals.
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    Universidad Rafael Landivar (Undergraduate); St. Edward's University (Graduate)
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    2010; 2015