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    Independent Health Insurance Broker
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    I do what I do to provide for my family. Not only for today, but for the future as well. I also love knowing I provide a service that actually helps people protect their most important assets. Without our health, what do we have?
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    My passion in life is helping people. In fact, after receiving my Masters Degree I went on an 18 month mission trip to a third world country teaching English and delivering medical supplies. Knowing I was partly responsible for improving someones life gave me purpose and peace of mind. I carry this same passion with me today and with honesty and integrity, I remain dedicated to helping people like you get the coverage you need to protect your most important assets. Don't wait until it is too late, I am only a phone call away.
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    Senior Advisor
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    Family time. Cooking, travel and exploring to cultures and customs.
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    United States
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    Holly Wagner Fraley
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    Holly Wagner Fraley
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    MA Journalism from Regent University
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