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    Equitable Advisors (Financial Planning/Wealth Management)
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    I absolutely love meeting new people. It is my passion to help people of all financial levels feel confident about their financial future and investment goals. My "why" is to get up everyday and have a positive impact on everyone I meet.
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    I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD and was raised by two wonderful parents. My mom was a teacher and my dad worked for the same bank for 41 years. They were great role models and taught me the importance of helping people, taking care of clients, and being dedicated to your profession. I attended college at Minnesota State University-Mankato and was recruited to be a high school teacher in Houston, TX in 2005. I enjoyed teaching for 5 years, but always knew that I wanted to eventually be in the business world. I joined Equitable Advisors to be a financial advisor in 2010. My firm offers a diverse amount of retirement investments (IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, 403b, etc), brokerage/managed investment accounts, life insurance, annuities, college savings plans, long-term care plans, disability plans, estate planning, and business planning (buy/sell agreements, key-man insurance, 401k plan setup/management, employee benefits, etc).
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    Financial Planning/Wealth Management
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    Financial Professional
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    I love anything related to sports, particularly basketball and golf. I am an avid runner and enjoy working out. I also love music and going to concerts. I play guitar and occasionally sing acoustic at a few venues in Houston on the weekends.
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    United States
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    I would be happy to sit down with you and provide you with a complimentary Asset Map-a tool that makes your financial picture easy to understand. The Asset Map allows you to set custom financial goals and easily track your progress.
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    Minnesota State University-Mankato
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