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    Law Offices of Annie Scott
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    (281) 846-5020
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    2817266733 personal cell
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    I became a criminal defense attorney because I want to help people who the rest of society would just throw away. I watched friends and family have their lives and future taken away due to bad decisions and or unfortunate circumstances. We don't get to chose the family, the environment, nor how others view us. No, not everyone can be saved, but most can be helped. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Grace is available to everyone.
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    Annie Scott is a relatively young lawyer in the legal field. Licensed in November of 2009, Attorney Scott has just under a decade under her legal belt, but you’d never know it.  When Attorney Scott attaches herself to a case, she does not let go until a reasonable and agreeable resolution is reached.  She is determined and unmoved by any barriers.  She fights every case with full zeal and determination.
    A graduate of Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Attorney Scott handles all types of cases ranging from Immigration Law to Family Law to Criminal Defense and many in between. She is a long term member of the Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, The Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and a member of The College Bar of Texas. She frequently attends legal conferences to stay on top of all the new updates in her field(s) of practice(s) and in order to offer the most knowledgeable service to her clients.
    Attorney Scott has worked as a prosecutor, an intern with Judge Tim Taft from the First Court of Appeals, and in the Immigration focused law firm of Harry Gee. She is admitted to practice all over the State of Texas and with the federal Southern District of Texas.
    Just some of the cases handled: Adoptions, Assault, Business Organization, Child Support, Civil Litigation, Custody and Visitation, Divorce, Contracts, Domestic Violence, Estate Administration, Wills, DUI-DWI, Family issues, General Litigation, Immigration, Car Accidents, Sex Offenses, Drug charges, Criminal charges and Traffic
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    Defense Attorney
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    Gardening, drawing and painting, I love cats, love outdoors and water locations, like reading, whenever I can get a quiet moment
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    United States
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    Free lmtd. phone consultations
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    Thurgood Marshall School of Law
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