Samantha Varner - Grow Sales Success - June 15, 2022

Sales Mastery

As a profit coach and money-making business strategist, Sam Varner specializes in supporting six-figure service-based business owners to make profit a priority by implementing her proprietary CRUSH Formula. A conversation with Sam is an opportunity to share a no-bullshit (friend-to-friend) chat about profit, business success and the drive women have inside that is ready to explode. She is open and honest about how to achieve business growth well into 6 figures and just how to tap into each individual business owner's hidden potential. She wants your audience to be inspired through their own personal breakthroughs, strategy, and grit to surpass their current goals and growth plans.

Sam has 14+ years in PR & Marketing, Finance Strategy, and Business Development and credits much of her business passion to watching her father in his construction business growing up. She watched him create income, growth, and tangible things from nothing and set out to do the same. After living in 3 different countries and getting re-qualified to work over and over again, Sam decided to create her own business serving women business owners worldwide. Sam has made it her goal to help other women understand they have the power to change their financial picture by building profit in their businesses. She hosts the She Needs Grit Podcast where business tips and growth strategies happen weekly.

By day Sam is a tactical coach supporting her clients to grow their dreams, whereby evening and weekend she is hanging in the dirty minivan at a soccer practice or other kid activities. With four kiddos Sam is a proud coffee addict and spends her downtime as a chauffeur, cheerleader, and a huge fan of each of the tiny humans she created.


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