Dew Tinnin - Sales Mastery - May 18, 2022

Sales Mastery

I was born to be in sales.

I started selling as a kid – it’s funny what I’d do to win a Trapper Keeper – or what I’ll do today for a $25 gift card. I’m a sucker for contests.

Today, I’m the President and founder of Skillway, where we teach people to CRUSH their sales goals and love what they do! We're a relationship-based sales coaching, sales training, and strategic coaching firm serving our clients nationwide.

I’ve spent my entire career in sales, sales management, and sales training. I love being in the field and the classroom. It’s an even balance between seeing our clients win and taking pride in being a salesperson.

I've trained tens of thousands of salespeople and spent over 3,500 hours training in a classroom setting. I’ve coached hundreds of sales producers and leaders in all industries and spent over 5,000 hours coaching producers and executives one-on-one.

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