Ron Sukenick - Embracing and Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn - May 25, 2022

Embracing and Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn

Learn from one of America's leading evangelists on the topic of LinkedIn. This session will help to inspire you to make the most from your LinkedIn experience. If you're not fully optimized, if you don't have a connection strategy, and most importantly, if you're not getting business from LinkedIn, this is an event you don't want to miss

About Ron

Ron Sukenick is the president and founder of the Relationship Strategies Institute, a global training and business development company that provides businesses with strategies for developing and effectively utilizing deeper professional relationships.

One of America’s leading authorities on the topics of LinkedIn, business networking and relationship strategies, Ron’s inspiring approach to working with those in business creates immediate and measurable results.

Ron Sukenick is a dynamic presenter, intuitive business coach, and best selling author. He has written four books, with his most recent book, 21 Days to Success with LinkedIn, becoming an Amazon best seller.

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