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Group Leader: (Community Builder) Nate Zimmer

About IL - NIA Urbana

Network In Action is a group of Professional business owners and key decision makers, who work to help one another Grow in business, through our business relationships. We are exclusive to business category and meet monthly to grow our relationships. Each member is vetted, so you can refer with confidence. The leadership is the franchise owners, who have extensive backgrounds in the areas of business development, networking, marketing, and sales. Join us at one of our meetings to see if you might be a good fit for one of our groups. 

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There are currently no public events scheduled. However, if you are interested in attending our member-exclusive meetings, please click here:

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Why IL - NIA Urbana?

The NIA Difference

  • Monthly Meeting
  • Professional Leadership
  • Guaranteed ROI

NIA brings together a coalition of like-minded individuals who understand the power of networking. Build your business by capitalizing on our state of the art technology and monthly meetings.

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IL - NIA Urbana Members

(Community Builder) Nate Zimmer
(Community Builder) Nate Zimmer
Network In Acton of Central Illinois
With a strong background in real estate brokerage, management, and investment, I've navigated diverse sectors within the industry, accumulating valuable experience and insights along the way. Alongside these accomplishments, I'm also an owner-operator of a successful coffee shop, showcasing my entrepreneurial drive. As a former member of Vistage International, I've cultivated leadership and management skills through collaboration and knowledge-sharing within a professional community, enriching my strategic approach to business and team development. My diverse expertise spans real estate, entrepreneurship, and leadership, reflecting a seasoned professional adept at steering successful ventures in dynamic industries.

Network In Action administrator.